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Zses.com's Review of Associated Content

At Associated Content all memberships are free. Here, you can make money by joining
their community and writing about any topic you choose, as long as you are
knowledgeable about it.  There is a wide range of topics you can write about, almost
anything is acceptable, as long as it is in good taste. All you have to do, is write and
article, and submit it to them. Make sure you proof-read your article extensively,
because they do not like spelling or grammatical errors and this could even cause them
to reject your article. After a few business days you will receive an email from
Associated Content, either offering you a fee for your article, or letting you know that
they have rejected it. Don’t worry, if your article gets rejected, either you have spelling
errors, or your article isn’t long enough, so you can just rewrite it and resend. You
can submit the rejected article as many times as you want until it is accepted, just
make sure you are not sending the exact same article, try to fix it as best as you can.  
They will also offer you a monetary amount of $3 to $40 for your article.  At this
point, you can decide if you want to accept their offer or not.  If you accept, you will
receive your payment through paypal within two weeks. Please note, if you accept
their offer they are in effect purchasing your article so you will not be able to sell it to
anyone else.  If you don't accept their offer you get to keep your article, but you will
not receive any money.  

Most new users will only earn about $3-$5 per article, but do not get discouraged.  As
long as you remain an active user with Associated Content your average per article will
increase.  It also helps if you write about hot topics like the war on terror, celebrities,
and sports.

Our rating is from 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest.
Ratings Based On:
How quickly we receive payment
How quickly articles are published
How much we earn per article

We gave Associated Content a Perfect 5!
We have always received our payment within two to three weeks of accepting their
offer.  Articles are published within three weeks.  Currently we are earning about $3 to
$5 per article but that will increase.

If you enjoy writing, we highly recommend you join
Associated Content.

Company Contact Info:
Address:88 Steele St., Ste 250
Denver, CO
Phone Number: 720-214-1000
Email: info@associatedcontent.com

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