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BigSpot Survey

If you have been watching late night cable television the last few months you may have caught on of the goofy commercials for BigSpot surveys.

I have seen two different TV commercials for them and they both begin with a preposterous product idea that it looks like the ad is trying to sell. Then the announcer says “isn’t that a crazy idea?”, and “don’t you wish you could tell companies that product wouldn’t work”, or something to that affect. The ad quickly turns into a mini infomercial about making extra money taking online surveys.

Now for the website, the front page is a simple sign-up page that requests your name, email address, country you are living in, and a couple of other simple questions. This throws up a red flag for me, because I have seen many sites like this before.

For most websites that are setup like this, it is just a cover to get a bunch of people’s email information, and then spam them to no end with work at home offers and freebies.

Our Recommendation:
Don’t join BigSpot, I wouldn’t waste my time with them, and I think you shouldn’t either.

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