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Blingo Review

Blingo is a pretty cool site. In simple terms it's a search engine with a chance to win a prize with every search that you make. They use Google so you will be getting the same search results as Google. You can win an instant prize of $5.00 gift certificate, movie ticket, and other small prizes. They also have bigger prizes throughout the year, which are announced in advanced. Some bigger prizes can be $500.00, a new car, and more.

If you refer a person to Blingo and they win a prize, the referrer also wins the same prize. The referrer is notified via email and has a couple of days to claim their prize.

Not everyone is eligible to win; you must be a resident on the United States and at least 13 years old. Only your first 25 searches in a day are eligible to win a prize. If you win a prize you will be notified through the Blingo site via a pop-up window. You must follow the instructions to claim your prize within 30 minutes of being notified or you forfeit your prize. Currently, these are their only restrictions.

Our Ratings Range from One to Five; One is a terrible site and Five is an excellent one.

Our Rating of Blingo: 2
It's a nice little bonus to search through Blingo instead of your regular search engine because you have a chance to win everyday, but we wouldn't go out of our way to make all 25 searches everyday, because the daily prizes aren't worth that much and the chances of winning are very small. Here are the chances of winning. We recommend you use this site if you like winning prizes, but you will not make that much money using Blingo.

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