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ConsumerSay Panel

LightSpeed Research runs the Consumer Say panel; this is a market research panel focused on personal finance including credit cards and bank accounts. Just for registering you can earn up to fifty dollars in gift cards by filling out information about how many credit cards you own and which bank accounts you own.

What they do is record your purchasing habits. They keep track of how much you spend each month, what you buy, where you buy it from, and when you shop. This data is all collected for market research. You wonít be charged anything.

Many people will be wary about this site since it asks for detailed personal information, and if you are afraid of your identity being stolen you should not register for Consumer Say.

We give each review a rating from 5 to 1; 5 is the highest and 1 the lowest.

Our Verdict on ConsumerSay Panel: 2
It might be a quick way to make a few dollars, but I donít trust giving out my personal finance information so readily. Although you can reregister as many times as you get a new bank account and credit cards I still donít think itís worth the possible hassle of having your information stolen. I donít recommend using this site at all.

Visit the ConsumerSay Panel website.

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