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CoolSavings Review

At this site you can receive free online coupons that are valid at many popular online retailers. They also offer printable coupons that you can take to the store. Most of the grocery store coupons are a dollar off when you buy two or three of the products.

They separate them in categories; grocery, free samples, babies, health, pets, clothing, travel, garden, computers, automotive, personal finance, and entertainment. The only problem is some of the coupons arenít coupons at all but everyday discounts. For instance as of today (9/10/2008) they have listed under the pets coupons, save up to 75% on purchases made at clearance center. But this coupon only provides a link to the website, so itís more of an announcement or advertisement than an actual coupon.

Another problem I have with CoolSavings is no matter what category you click on when you click on view printable coupons it brings you to the same page every time, and they allow you to enter your Zip code to view offers in your area. Typing in your Zip code doesnít seem to do anything, at least not for me.

Every site we review we give a rating between 1 to 5. 5 is the highest and 1 the lowest.

We gave CoolSavings a 2
Maybe I am being a little harsh with my judgment of this site, because it does offer some decent savings with itsí printable coupons. Then again, I wouldnít sign up for their website with your regular email, you will receive a lot of spam if you do. I have a secondary email for sites like these, so if you are really interested in CoolSavings I suggest you use another email address than your primary one.

CoolSavings site

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