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I was pretty excited when I first joined eHow, the premise sounded fun; I could make extra money by explaining how to do things. What could be better? Well I sign up, confirm my email address, and log in. It is the usual account information stuff for writing sites, a brief bio about yourself, your favorite websites, upload a picture, etc.

Although I didnít have a topic in mind I wanted to try out the writing section of eHow. It is kind of similar to Squidoo. It doesnít allow you to upload a file, but you create your how-to article through their website. It is pretty simple to use and easy to get used to.

But this is where everything goes wrong in my book. eHow doesnít let you use any HTML in your articles, none what so ever. I know this might not be a big deal to some people, but I just donít write articles for other sites to make extra money and see that my opinion is heard. I write them also to link to my other websites and blogs. Also they do not have a referral program.

We give each site we review a rating. They range from 5 to 1, 5 is the best score and 1 is the lowest.

Our Rating of eHow: 2
If you just want to write articles and get paid eHow is a pretty good site to use. There are a few conditions that eHow imposes in order for you to make money writing articles. You must be a resident of USA, you must be older than 18, and you must have a valid tax payer identification; if you meet all these requirements than you will get paid for your articles.

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