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This is a site in which you can create reviews about 1,000’s of products. You earn money by having people read your reviews, rate your review as very helpful, and by people buying the product.

Your reviews must meet certain requirements in order for you to make money. The must be at least 200 words long, include pros and cons, overall product review, and if you would recommend it to a friend. If you don’t have at least 200 words written in the body of the review Epinions will consider your review an express review and you won’t make any money with it.

The only way to make a decent amount of money with Epinions is if you write hundreds of reviews, but in order to do that you must know a lot of information about popular items. Some popular items include; video games, digital cameras, dvd players, PDAs, printers, laptops, and TVs.

At Zses.com we give a rating to every website we review. Our ratings range from one to five, one is a terrible score and you shouldn’t join that site, five is our highest rating and we recommend you join them.

Our Rating of Epinions: 3

We gave them a 3, because you just can’t make that much money with them unless you put in a lot of time and effort. If you just want to casually make some reviews about products you own you are probably better off writing your review with Associated Content or Squidoo. Another reason why we gave them a 3 rating; Epinions doesn’t have a referral program, well they used to, but they discontinued it a few years ago.

Epinions website

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