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Groupon is a shopping discount site. You receive a large reduction on the items they have on their site. Most of their deals focus on restaurants, hotel stays, movies, plays, orchestras, sporting events, and more dating activities.

How it Works:
During the morning Groupon will post the deal of the day. This can be 30 percent to 75 percent off the regular price. You can register to buy the item and wait until enough people buy the deal in order to get the price. If not enough people buy it then you wonít get the deal, however you are not obliged to buy the item at full price. If you do win the deal you receive an email with printable instructions on how to redeem it.

They also have other deals listed for your area on the right side of their website, or you can browse by city to see what deals are available.

You canít buy large quantities. They typically limit the amount you can buy to two or three. There arenít many deals for some areas and this is limited to the United States. Groupon started in Chicago; naturally Chicago has the most deals for any city.

I can see why people really like Groupon; it can be fun to know you are getting 50 percent off the regular price of something, and it can really save your date night budget. It is a really good site to use, and I recommend it to anyone that lives in a large city.

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