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HubPages Review

At this website you earn money by writing articles. You arenít paid per article you are paid through Google Adsense if someone clicks on an ad while reading your article.

HubPages is a lot like Squidoo. It uses a similar interface, but it doesnít have as many options as Squidoo. With Hubpages you can add text, a list of links, pictures, videos, a link to your blogís rss, ebay listings, products, and visitor comments. Squidoo also has all of these features plus many more and it is easier to use in my opinion. Plus Hubpages has ads all over the place and it really gets annoying waiting for all the ads to load while you are trying to write an article.

Ratings range from 5 to 1 with 5 being the best and 1 the worst.

Our Rating of HubPages: 2
Although really experienced Internet marketers will get the most out of HubPages. Novices wonít know how to get much traffic to their pages and wonít earn much money. It really takes a lot of work to get traffic to your pages and probably isnít worth the effort. If you are willing to learn how to do search engine optimization and get traffic to your Hub articles you can make some money by writing for their site. Plus you already need to have a Google Adsense account to maximize your earnings.
HubPages site

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