Synopsis of Nielsen NetRatings

This site is owned and operated by Nielsen Media Research. The same company that tracks TV ratings. In order to become a member of their survey panel you must download their software. The software program tracks which websites you visit and purchases you make. They do not keep track of your credit card or other personal information. The information they gather is used to help companies decided which products sell well online and which ads attract customers.

For downloading the software, staying an active member, and participating in surveys you are entered into a monthly sweepstakes worth $1,000. They select 50 winners every month, and each person receives $1,000.

At we give each site we review a value from one to five based on:

  • If we get any surveys to take.
  • If we get paid for the surveys we take.
  • If they send us our money quickly.

  • One means it's a terrible site and you shouldn't join, a five means it's an excellent one.

    Our Review of Nielsen NetRatings: 4

    We usually receive a couple surveys a month. For each survey you complete you are entered into a monthly sweepstakes worth $1,000. If you win you will be notified via email or phone. You will receive your check at the end of the month. (Please keep in mind a download is required; if you aren't comfortable downloading software then you can't join Nielsen NetRatings.)

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