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Survey PayOff

I found another “survey site” called Survey PayOff. I found this site because I was looking through job sites like Monster and Yahoo! Jobs and I saw their website listed as a job. After I read their ad claiming I could make $25 to $50 an hour taking paid surveys and the usual mumbo-jumbo I signed up with their website with one of my secondary email addresses. I call it a secondary email address because it is not an email address I use for business or personal purposes. It’s an email account I use to sign up with sites I suspect will send me spam and unwanted email messages. I highly suggest you do the same thing.

Anyways back to the review. After I filled out their form on the homepage they ask me to confirm my email address. I log into my email account and along with their confirmation email I receive over five spam emails from them. They were about money making opportunities and paid survey sites that require a fee.

Although technically not spam since I agreed to receive emails from them when I signed up. I still hate having my email filled with their messages because they are not helpful at all. They are basically giant ads that say I can make a certain amount of money, and Survey PayOff doesn’t provide any insight into which sites are worthwhile and which ones are total scams. They just keep emailing you with more and more ads.

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We Rated SurveyPayOff a 1
I was really disappointed when I checked my email to get my membership confirmation, because I saw the spam messages from Survey PayOff. Plus they don’t rate or review any of the sites they advertise. In the end their site really doesn’t pay off.

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