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Survey Head is a new market research website that has been gaining some steam in the last year. I first heard about them from a competitors website advertisement. Survey Head might be a new website but the people running it are market research veterans. They used to run a site called goZing, but Greenfield Online bought up that site a few years ago.

When you sign-up with Survey Head you will receive a five-dollar bonus in your account as long as you fill out your profile in full. Each survey has itís own reward point value. You can spend your points on movie gift cards, retail gift cards, sweepstake entries and more. However, if you donít try and take at least one survey in twelve months you will forfeit all your points in your reward account. Unlike many survey sites this one you will need to log into your account and check for surveys; they donít send survey invitations to your email.

Our Rating for Survey Head: 4
I was a member of GoZing for a year before they were bought out, and I really liked their site. They usually had surveys available to take and their customer service was reliable and quick to answer any questions or solve any problems you had.


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