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This website claims it will help you find and make money with market research, mystery shopping, focus groups, and other work at home methods.

Unfortunately all SurveyLot wants to do is get your email address so they can send you advertisements. Itís sad that they donít actually provide the service they claim. You canít even access a list of survey companies without becoming a member.

Another website that uses this same method is Vindale Research.

The SurveyLot membership lets you login and view a list of survey companies. But they donít provide any good information about them, like how much money they pay per survey, if they pay cash for every survey or is it a sweepstakes entry, how much money you will need to accumulate before you can actually get your check, and if you have to remain an active member keep your account. We provide this information for free with every review, and our list of surveys.

We gave SurveyLot a 1
Stay away from SurveyLot; they are a bunch of scammers that only want your email address so they can fill it up with unwanted ads and spam. If you already signed up you can opt out you just need to type in your email address. As a rule of thumb, whenever doing any kind of service or if you sign up with any of these places, like paid emails, surveys, etc., you should never use your main email address. We always use a second email just for these kinds of offers, because you never know which one might sell your email address to spam sites.

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