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Zses.com's Review of SurveyTeam

This site claims to be a survey site, but they really arenít. They pay you to sign up for offers like Netflix and other product and service trials.

There are several reasons why we donít like SurveyTeam. First of all their website does have a nice design, but they donít give you any information about the product you are trying. All they do is list them and say how much they are going to pay you. What they donít say is if itís a free trial or not. Also, the offers are not organized into different groups, like surveys, ring tones, etc.

Another problem with this site is that they keep sending me spam emails about offers that are already available to you if you log into your account, but not any new or special offers. They should have an option that lets you choose whether or not you want to receive these messages.

They also donít have very many offers to choose from, they have less than 100. You do get $3.00 credited to your account when you join, but that doesnít really help when the minimum payment required is $100.00.

Our ratings range from one to five, one is a terrible score and you shouldn't join them, five is an excellent score and you should join.

Zses.com's Rating of SurveyTeam: 1
Most of their offers require you to pay some money, and all of their free offers are only worth one dollar or less. It will be very difficult if not impossible to reach the $100.00 mark by only doing free offers. Also if you become an inactive member for three months you lose all of your earnings. SurveyTeam is a terrible site and we recommend that you donít join them. There are many other sites where you can actually make some money, like cash crate and treasure trooper.

SurveyTeam Website

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