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Wealthy Affiliate

Supposedly Wealthy Affiliate will give you the tools and training to become a successful affiliate marketer. The cost is $39.00/month or $29.99/month if you buy a full yearís subscription.

Some of the tools that Wealthy Affiliate Provides:
Site Rubix - builds a website for you
NicheQ - gives you an idea of good keywords to use to market your affiliate products. Shows you how many times a phrase is searched for and how many websites have that keyword.
WebHosting - webhosting with membership
Rapid Writer - an article writing resource that gives you article topics to write about and writes the articles for you
One on one support and coaching - access to forums able to talk about topics with other members's Rating range from 1 to 5, a rating of 1 means we think it's a scam. A rating of 5 means is one of the best sites out there.

Wealthy Affiliate earned: 1
We have several gripes with this website that need to be addressed. First of all most of their tools you can get for free. Why pay when they are provided for free? Also the site builders arenít worth it, because there will be hundreds of the same exact websites and you will never do well in the search engines. Google doesnít like duplicate content and all you will get is a website that is exactly like everyone elseís. You are much better off starting your own blog.

The NicheQ product you can get for free by using Google Trends and Google Adwords. These two free sites tell you if a keyword phrase is increasing or decreasing in search volume and how often a phrase is being searched every month.

I am also skeptical if Rapid Writer it works exactly as it is advertised. I have never heard of a program that can duplicate the English language and write a 500-word essay about any subject with very little information that you input. You canít even trust the online translators for accurate or even remotely coherent words, and that is only translation from something already written. I seriously doubt that a program can actually write a decent article.

The bottom line is that there is no magical way to all of a sudden make tons of money online. It takes a lot of hard work. I see all kinds of websites that say I made $100/day or $1000/day, but they never explain how they did it exactly, and do you know why, because if they did they would be creating competition for themselves. The only time a website claims it will share itís secrets of success with you is if they are selling something. Wealthy Affiliate is just trying to make money off of naÔve people, and I wouldnít recommend them.

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